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M77 Boots Size Guide

We recommend going a size down, when you're on the fence. The M77s were originally designed for Northern feet, that tend to be wider and feel larger than normal.


Virtually unchanged since their adoption in 1977, these boots remain the standard-issue footwear in the Norwegian army. Their shell-style construction also offers remarkable modularity, giving wearers total control over their choice of socks.

With proper care, the thick leather becomes water repellent, while the inclusion of hooks and D-rings simplifies the lacing process. The absence of inner lining or padding ensures fast drying, and the PU outsole provides stability and compatibility with NATO bindings.

The M77 boots we provide are manufactured in Europe according to the NATO AQAP 2110 standard.


Brief history of the M77s

M77 Combat boots, are one of the best-known military boots in the world and are also our top 1 bestseller. They are so legendary that they are even mentioned on the Wiki page of Combat boots. So it is probably not a big surprise that the Norwegian media recently went through the story of a former soldier who tattooed the M77 boots on his hand.

It took ten years to adjust the M77 boot for the Norwegian army harsh requirements for boot resistance, comfort, gravity and moisture resistance. In addition, it was essential that, at the same time, boots are easy to maintain. The result is no-nonsense comfortable, breathable and water-repellent boots made only of thick 2.8-3 mm full-grain leather, steel and polyurethane. The anatomical insole is shockproof, antibacterial, breathable and washable.

And most importantly, they are durable. Just keep the boots well-greased. As with full leather boots, it may take some time to wear them in, but if they are already worn in, they are as good as it gets. These boots are unisex and designed for both men and women. The sizes run large, intended to be worn with thermal or even double socks. Also, if you plan to wear them in freezing winters, we recommend our inner socks that are made precisely for M77.

In conclusion, they are probably one of the best value-for-money boots in the world.


Upper: 2.8-3 mm full-grain water-repellent leather
Outsole: Direct-injected PU
Lining: Cambrelle textile lining under the vamp
Insole: Anatomical, antibacterial and washable
Manufacturer Standards: NATO AQAP 2110, ISO 9001
Where It’s Made: ethically in Estonia, Europe
Shipping within EU: 3-7 workdays

9 reviews for M77 Combat Boots

  1. Anes

    Just wanted to let you know the boots arrived and they’re a perfect fit! If anybody ever asks you what boot size fits EU 40 tell them 37 is the way to go.

  2. From Reddit

    Used them? Love them! Best boots ever and they cost less than any fancy sneakers and they last for 5 to 6 years with daily use. Only “con” is the walk in period as they are very stiff so wear thick socks and have a band aid ready but for the lifetime of the boots the con is worth it.

  3. From Youtube

    I moved to Norway about 4 years ago and picked myself a pair of M77 on the recommendation of my boyfriend and they are without a doubt the best boots I have ever owned just in terms of sheer toughness. I have flat feet so having a good shoe is important to me and there is plenty of room to fit a decent set of insoles in there to be able to keep on hiking all day.

  4. From Reddit

    When you buy these new, they don’t fit perfectly yet.

    Find a shallow river or similar, with the M77 on, walk with them in the river to soak them completely and walk for a long time with wet feet and boots for a while to get perfect fit!

    It’s not comfortable, but the boots will have a perfect fit after this! Then polish with some good black shoepolish to waterproof them, and keep applying as needed to keep them shiny and waterproofed…you’ll have boots that’ll last for a long time!

    One thick sock will be more than enough, that was my experience in -37 degrees Celsius, but only if you’re active…stand still in these temperatures, and you’re a snowman in no time 😛

  5. From Reddit

    I wore mine for about seven years after leaving the armed forces, including taking them to Israel, wearing them when hiking in the desert. I used the woolen socks from the navy when doing so, in 45 degree weather (in the shade). I was the one whose feet was the coolest of anyone, and that smelled the least, after a week of hiking in the Negev.

    They do, however, get cold in the winter, as there is very little insulation in them. I know a few people who have two pairs, one for the winter, and one for the rest of the year, with the winter pair being a size too large, to accomodate extra socks in the wintertime.

  6. Sanna

    I recently purchased a pair of M77 black combat boots and I have to say that they are by far my favorite winter boots. I previously had a pair of Dr Martens boots, but once i had M77 boots worn-in, definitely prefer them!

    The M77 boots are incredibly comfortable and they have a sleek, military-inspired design that I love. They are also incredibly durable and have held up well in the harsh winter weather. I’ve worn them on long hikes and they have never let me down.

    Overall, I would rate the M77 combat boots a 10/10. They are the perfect combination of style and function, and I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of a new pair of black winter boots.

  7. lasplesis

    Do take a size smaller than usual, otherwise they can feel big on the sides. Also recommend protecting them with tons of shoe polish. Once worn in, super comfortable.

  8. From Reddit

    I have to say, those are one of my favorite boots for hiking and hunting. I have had one pair for almost 9yrs and one year of army use, sadly they now got a hole in them.

  9. Neeme

    Took 5 years, but wore out a pair of these. The sole for one of the boots broke down (I did manage to step into a puddle of fuel at a gas station with that sole). The rest of the boots were perfectly fine, even after 5 years.

    One note about the included laces – ONLY round laces work on hook boots, not flat laces, so a little disappointed about receiving flat laces originally. Other than that, definitely recommend!

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